Praxis: Breaking Free From Neoliberalism

Gustavo Gutierrez, the author of Theology of Liberation, said:

But the poor person does not exist as an inescapable fact of destiny. His or her existence is not politically neutral, and it is not ethically innocent. The poor are a by-product of the system in which we live and for which we are responsible. They are marginalized by our social and cultural world. They are the oppressed, exploited proletariat, robbed of the fruit of their labor and despoiled of their humanity. Hence the poverty of the poor is not a call to generous relief action, but a demand that we go and build a different social order. (Emphasis, the author's)

The failure of neoliberalism and its prominent purveyors is its insistence on ignoring the obvious, that it is impossible to reform an unjust system of economics by utilizing the economic, cultural, and social apparatus that is itself the cause of that injustice.


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Finding a Voice and Keeping It


During election off-years, the majority of the voting public is not focused on the next elections, but on the past ones. They are associated with one of the two parties of the duopoly, and if they are doing anything at all, they are busy raising millions of dollars from large corporate donors and billionaires while trying to find ways to discredit, marginalize, and even delegitimize the victors of the last election, that is, if their candidate lost.

If they happened to win, they spend the next two years, or four, reassuring the public that their ELECTED ONE is doing everything right and is flawless in character and virtue, while tossing away all traces of contradiction with the platform upon which their candidate won.

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Hunter Crow Gets 38% of the Vote in Arlington School Board Race

Hunter Crow Gets 38% of Vote Against Long-term Incumbent

On Saturday, May 6, Hunter Crow, a candidate our county party endorsed, ran for a position on the Arlington ISD Board of Trustees garnering over 38% of the vote in his attempt to unseat a 3-term incumbent, Bowie Hogg.

Receiving over 5800 votes, running on a platform that was entirely Green-friendly, is a significant marker for Tarrant County Greens. 

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Jordan Edwards, Another Victim of Police Violence

IMG_0372.JPGPolice violence against black men has struck again in North Texas. This time, Jordan Edwards, a 15 year-old freshman in high school from Balch Springs, a near suburb of Dallas’ southeast side, was shot to death by Roy Oliver, a six-year veteran of the Balch Springs Police Department.

Late Saturday night, April 29, neighbors reported to police that a house party had gotten too loud, and they asked the police to come and check it out. A short time later, Jordan Edwards was shot dead with a rifle.


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