Greens Stand for Justice in Palestine


During Israel's celebration of their 50th anniversary as a nation there will be a festive spirit within the Zionist realm. Not so among the Palestinian people, where apartheid has swept away hopes of a self-governing future without a serious reset of political policy, both in Israel and in its patron state, the United States.


At the heart of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands is a movement that has been institutionalized, Zionism. 

It seeks to claim the lands that consist of what religious Jews believe were given to them by God, called the "Promised Land" in the vernacular of their religion. Its origin is in the Jewish religion, but it does not stop there.

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March for Science - Fort Worth (updated)

The March for Science in Fort Worth was held on April 22 along with similar demonstrations all over the U.S. 


Tarrant County Green Party members, along with an estimated two thousand others, gathered on an uncharacteristically cool and very windy April day to stand up against severe budget cuts, the panning of decades of important scientific research, and a growing preference for opinion and political ideology over facts.

The festivities began around noon as people made their way to a hilltop parking lot at UNT Health Science Center on Camp Bowie Blvd. Hunkered against the building and each other to protect themselves from the cold wind, it appeared there might be some who wished they had stayed at home.

But, the crowd grew, and sincere excitement and a firm conviction about the cause replaced all concern about the elements.

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Commissioner Sitton Answers Some Questions, But Not the Hard Ones

sittonclose.jpgTexas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton spoke to a crowd of over one hundred Tarrant County residents on April 20 to address the permit application process like the one from Bluestone Energy to build a wastewater injection well near Lake Arlington, a major drinking water source for a half million area residents. Commissioner Sitton entertained questions from the audience, but only those questions that fit within the ground rules set by Rep. Nicole Collier (District 95, State House) at whose invitation Sitton appeared.

Specific questions with regard to Bluestone's application at Lake Arlington were disallowed, with the commissioner's attorney standing nearby to keep the commissioner on a short leash, purportedly because he is not allowed to speak of specific cases while they await the hearing.  

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Electoral Reform

IMPORTANT and TIMELY information from the Green Party of Texas regarding actions that need to be taken on election reform in Texas. Article posted by katija gruene, Austin co-chair and Secretary of Green Party of Texas...and legislative guru!


txgreenlogo1.jpgWe are a part of a coalition - Texans for Electoral Reform - working to open up elections in TX to independents and non-primary parties.

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