Electoral Reform

IMPORTANT and TIMELY information from the Green Party of Texas regarding actions that need to be taken on election reform in Texas. Article posted by katija gruene, Austin co-chair and Secretary of Green Party of Texas...and legislative guru!


txgreenlogo1.jpgWe are a part of a coalition - Texans for Electoral Reform - working to open up elections in TX to independents and non-primary parties.

Our specific electoral goals in the 2017 Texas Legislative Session are to:
  • Win fair ballot access for independent candidates and other parties - HB 3068
  • End "one-punch" straight ticket voting thereby encouraging voters to learn more about individual candidates, their platforms and qualifications - HB25/SB2175
  • Protect citizens petition rights, a right Texans have enjoyed in all home rule cities since 1912.
  • Protect the integrity of our elections and ensure that they are verifiable - HB1711/SB369
  • Support real redistricting reform - no bills filed for independent commission, only one bill for a bipartisan commission (HB369)
The coalition meets every Wednesday night for 1-hour conference calls from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. Please join us on the call and bring your questions. Contact one of us below to get call information.

Call to Action - Pass HB25/move SB2175 out of committee

Call To Action - move bills out of Elections Committee

Linda Curtis, League of Independent Voters, Volunteer Coordinator 512.213.4511
katija gruene, Secretary, Green Party of Texas, 210.471.1791
Mark Miller, Libertarian Party of Texas, Vice-Chair, 512.789.6957
Mike Lewis, Left Up to Us, 719.337.6635

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