Finding a Voice and Keeping It


During election off-years, the majority of the voting public is not focused on the next elections, but on the past ones. They are associated with one of the two parties of the duopoly, and if they are doing anything at all, they are busy raising millions of dollars from large corporate donors and billionaires while trying to find ways to discredit, marginalize, and even delegitimize the victors of the last election, that is, if their candidate lost.

If they happened to win, they spend the next two years, or four, reassuring the public that their ELECTED ONE is doing everything right and is flawless in character and virtue, while tossing away all traces of contradiction with the platform upon which their candidate won.

Off-years are a three-ring circus of a dangerous variety, the kind in which there is entertainment, tight-rope walkers, and acrobats, while the lions, tigers, and bears are let loose to prey upon an audience that is not paying attention to anything but the clowns.

As Greens we must avoid these entertainment traps and use our time wisely.


Green voices are everywhere, if we understand what we're hearing. 

Environmentalists and climate scientists are in the streets, demonstrating their passionate discontent with the anti-science political and economic class.

Health care advocates have been lighting up the switchboards at legislatures and in D.C. to make compelling moral arguments for comprehensive health care.

"Nasty" women, in pink hats, numbering in the millions are fighting state control of their bodies, for their wages and their rights as full members at the tables of power.

Anti-war voices are gathering as in the days of the Reagan administration, demanding accountability from the imperialists, the provocateurs of global violence.

Racial justice lawyers are standing at press conferences in front of reporters and cameras, demanding justice for families who have lost their teenage sons, fathers, brothers, and friends at the hands of racist cops in love with their rifles while the cops' attorneys remind the world of the cops' past military service and their sacrifice of personal safety for the rest of us, further evidence of imperialist and white supremacist structures and training in law enforcement. 

Immigration justice activists are raising signs and voices at airports and in downtowns, chanting in raised voices, resisting and revolting against Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

Millions of others sit at home and simply talk to each other, post their displeasure on social media, and shake their heads at the pace at which democracy is sinking before them.

These are Green voices, and they are found everywhere!

How do we find them?

The better question, perhaps, is "How do they find us?"

It is no secret that the voice of the Green Party, by virtue of the fact that the corporate media is all about "the circus" of the duopoly, has to find ways to be heard and seen, if we are to gain more ground against the intransigent fat-cats.

We find that the Green voices outside our self-identified remnant choose to identify with us in a variety of ways.

Some shake our hands and walk along the same paths we are on. Some seek us out because of a particular issue we support, and they are eager to find cohorts. Some comment on our Facebook posts, Twitter, and personal blogs, while making no pretense about being party members in the future. 

Breaking through to these other Green voices requires us to be in the public arena, never missing an opportunity to promote our causes, those summarized in our 10 Key Values.

It requires us to be consistent in message and action, to be persistent in times of waning interests and not giving in or giving up when we are tired.

The Green voices will find us, when we are loud enough, when we are aligned with justice, and when we inform and dialogue with them around common purposes and end goals.

Avoid distractions

The circus is entertaining. Millionaire celebrities make sure that it is. To us, they are distractions.

Our information flow must come from trusted sources on the ground, from organizations, individuals, and independent media entities, whose record is truthful and is capable of critiquing its own loyal readers, viewers, and listeners.

By engaging with corporate media we run a high risk of losing our way and taking refuge in the recesses of the corporate capitalist worldview that we are struggling against as a political party. It is counterproductive and disillusioning to settle for glitz and gusto only to find out upon analysis that it was all smoke and mirrors, that what WAS still REMAINS.

Finding a voice and keeping it

Like revolutionaries today and yesterday, we find our voice in ACTION and STRUGGLE.

If we limit our actions to talking among ourselves while doing little to affect change, our voices will not be heard. When limiting ourselves to self-indulgent pondering and worrying about the massive size of the duopoly, we are not leading a revolution. Instead, we are playing along with the opponents of change. We are a detriment to revolution.

However, if we speak, write, act justly, confront, march, and sometimes yell loudly in righteous anger, against the odds, we will find our voice. Keeping it is just a matter of holding our focus on the principles of the Green Party, and presenting to the other Green voices heard in the public arena, a passionate commitment to our causes.

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