Immigration Forum in Fort Worth


On Sunday, August 20, the Tarrant County Green Party sponsored a forum for local residents to learn more about the new immigration enforcement policies that affect their lives and those of their families and neighbors.

A few months ago the local Green Party members determined that the neighborhood known as the city's North Side would become a focus for their service efforts. From discussions held at several meetings, the immigration issue was identified as one of the most pressing.

zepeda.pngParty co-chair, Walter Horton, arranged for the services of local immigration attorney, Yadira Zepeda, to address the community. Zepeda's professional services range from family and business based immigration to deportation defense. She spoke with the group of about 50 residents on Sunday afternoon. Several people commented that she was very compassionate and trustworthy, and that they had received good information on how to deal with immigration matters that some feel threatened by. Zepeda offered her services for the meeting free of charge, making this important forum possible.

All Saints Catholic Church was the location for the forum. The church assisted in promoting the event through their church communications for two consecutive Sundays leading up to the event.

Along with the help of All Saints, local members posted signs and flyers all over the North Side of Fort Worth where they found the local businesses to be supportive and encouraging.


More plans are being made to continue their work in the community and beyond. Says one Green Party member, "There is no party out there who has more to offer communities threatened by unjust immigration laws than the Green Party. We have to keep on doing everything we can for them and for all of us."


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