March for Science - Fort Worth (updated)

The March for Science in Fort Worth was held on April 22 along with similar demonstrations all over the U.S. 


Tarrant County Green Party members, along with an estimated two thousand others, gathered on an uncharacteristically cool and very windy April day to stand up against severe budget cuts, the panning of decades of important scientific research, and a growing preference for opinion and political ideology over facts.

The festivities began around noon as people made their way to a hilltop parking lot at UNT Health Science Center on Camp Bowie Blvd. Hunkered against the building and each other to protect themselves from the cold wind, it appeared there might be some who wished they had stayed at home.

But, the crowd grew, and sincere excitement and a firm conviction about the cause replaced all concern about the elements.

It was clear that on this day there would be a unifying demonstration against anti-intellectualism and for research, against partisanship and for each other, against false narratives and for facts.

Tarrant County Green Party members were among the larger-than-expected crowd of scientists, doctors, students, and local activists (and a few dogs) who walked the forty-five minute route. Passers-by in cars and on foot were full of smiles, thumbs-up, and honking horns. 

Fewer-than-expected detractors were among the drivers passing by, letting the marchers know of their disapproval with various hand signals and shouts of indignation. These were expected. 

The overriding sentiment, however, was that the march had been a big success and that it certainly was a beginning for the public advancement of science and the visible solidarity with community activists.

(UPDATED REPORT: Tarrant County Co-Chair, Walt Horton, participated in the Dallas March for Science as part of the Earth Day weekend at Fair Park, touted to be the largest Earth Day celebration in the U.S. The Dallas County Green Party arranged for a booth to be set up in the exhibit hall where thousands of people are known to have visited over the three-day weekend. Other North Texas Regional Green organizations participated. Walt reported, "The interest in the Party is out there, evidenced by the numbers of people who signed up to learn more about us." He intends to promote the future participation in Earth Day activities by all Tarrant members.  All in all, this was a great weekend for the Green Party and for the citizens of North Texas.)



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