Hunter Crow Gets 38% of the Vote in Arlington School Board Race

Hunter Crow Gets 38% of Vote Against Long-term Incumbent

On Saturday, May 6, Hunter Crow, a candidate our county party endorsed, ran for a position on the Arlington ISD Board of Trustees garnering over 38% of the vote in his attempt to unseat a 3-term incumbent, Bowie Hogg.

Receiving over 5800 votes, running on a platform that was entirely Green-friendly, is a significant marker for Tarrant County Greens. 

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Jordan Edwards, Another Victim of Police Violence

IMG_0372.JPGPolice violence against black men has struck again in North Texas. This time, Jordan Edwards, a 15 year-old freshman in high school from Balch Springs, a near suburb of Dallas’ southeast side, was shot to death by Roy Oliver, a six-year veteran of the Balch Springs Police Department.

Late Saturday night, April 29, neighbors reported to police that a house party had gotten too loud, and they asked the police to come and check it out. A short time later, Jordan Edwards was shot dead with a rifle.


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Greens Stand for Justice in Palestine


During Israel's celebration of their 50th anniversary as a nation there will be a festive spirit within the Zionist realm. Not so among the Palestinian people, where apartheid has swept away hopes of a self-governing future without a serious reset of political policy, both in Israel and in its patron state, the United States.


At the heart of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands is a movement that has been institutionalized, Zionism. 

It seeks to claim the lands that consist of what religious Jews believe were given to them by God, called the "Promised Land" in the vernacular of their religion. Its origin is in the Jewish religion, but it does not stop there.

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March for Science - Fort Worth (updated)

The March for Science in Fort Worth was held on April 22 along with similar demonstrations all over the U.S. 


Tarrant County Green Party members, along with an estimated two thousand others, gathered on an uncharacteristically cool and very windy April day to stand up against severe budget cuts, the panning of decades of important scientific research, and a growing preference for opinion and political ideology over facts.

The festivities began around noon as people made their way to a hilltop parking lot at UNT Health Science Center on Camp Bowie Blvd. Hunkered against the building and each other to protect themselves from the cold wind, it appeared there might be some who wished they had stayed at home.

But, the crowd grew, and sincere excitement and a firm conviction about the cause replaced all concern about the elements.

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