Electoral Reform

IMPORTANT and TIMELY information from the Green Party of Texas regarding actions that need to be taken on election reform in Texas. Article posted by katija gruene, Austin co-chair and Secretary of Green Party of Texas...and legislative guru!


txgreenlogo1.jpgWe are a part of a coalition - Texans for Electoral Reform - working to open up elections in TX to independents and non-primary parties.

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Railroad Commission Hearing on Injection Well Postponed

Great news!

If you're following the story about Bluestone's application to build a wastewater injection well near Lake Arlington, you know that a public hearing was planned for late May in Austin before the Railroad Commission. The date has been postponed to September 5,6, and 7, giving the forces against the well time to mount a much stronger opposition! 

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Save Tarrant County Drinking Water!

It doesn't take long in Texas to know that the oil and gas industry rules the roost, even when drilling activity threatens the drinking water of a half million people.

A local grassroots organization, Liveable Arlington, is working to do something about it!

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Green Party is the peace party

gp_peaceA political party's values are never more important than in a time of crisis. This week, President Trump's order to strike a Syrian air base with Tomahawk missiles is one such event.

The mask of empathy

On the face of it, the rationale offered by the administration, that it was punishment for Bashar al-Assad's recent use of chemical weapons, seems, at first, to be reasonable. It can be framed, as the president did in his speech to Americans, as an empathetic duty. No doubt, as witnessed in the corporate media, the message of empathy is one that resonates. It makes converts of many of the loudest Trump-haters.

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